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founders of the tea shop
the real founders of 3catea
founders of the tea shop
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about us & our story

In the hot summer months of 2019, our story began when we realized that there were no boba stores in our area that truly met our high standards for quality and taste. We decided to take matters into our own paws and create a boba store that would not only meet our expectations, but exceed them.

Us three amigos came together to create high quality drinks and homemade desserts without compromising quality. We source from the greatest cats to serve you the BEST & FINEST ingredients on earth. At 3Catea, we pride ourselves on using only the freshest ingredients in our drinks. From our handcrafted tapioca pearls to our premium tea leaves, we use only the best of the best to ensure that every sip of our boba is a delicious and refreshing experience.

So whether you're a longtime boba fan or a newcomer to the world of bubble tea, we invite you to come visit us at 3Catea. Please enjoy every moment consuming our products. As a personal mission, we will strive for the best and nothing less. Our tea craft is living puurrfection!

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432 E Valley Blvd #D,
San Gabriel Valley
CA 91776

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Monday - Thursday & Sunday: 11am - 9pm
Friday - Saturday: 11am - 10pm